Container-Optimized Platform for Cloud-Native Applications

VMware Photon Platform is a container-optimized cloud platform which delivers on-demand tools and services for developers to build, test, and run modern applications while enabling IT to retain security, control and performance of data center infrastructure.


Photon Platform Overview

Steve Tegeler, Director of Technical Product Management of Cloud Native Apps BU, talks about Photon Platform.

Container-Optimized Cloud Platform

Photon Platform is purpose-built for cloud-native applications with integrated container infrastructure support. 

Features for Developer Teams

Modern Developer Experience

Enjoy intuitive and easy-to-use REST API, CLI and HTML5 user interface, and take advantage of the leading PaaS framework Pivotal Cloud Foundry for a modern developer experience.


On-demand access to Kubernetes clusters with high availability, automated scale-up/down and zero maintenance.


Choose from a library of IaaS resources including VMs, networks, and disks, leveraging a distributed control plane and allowing quick provisioning for large numbers of resources.

VMware Photon Platform

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Features for Infrastructure Operations Teams

Simple Setup and Use

Set up your private cloud in record time with a simple installation wizard, and enjoy radically simple operations thanks to the purpose-built architecture and pervasive automation offerings.

Highly Secure Platform

Achieve the highest security level based on VMware’s proven computing, networking, and storage technologies, all tied together using a centralized identity and access management service.

Advanced Networking with NSX

Offer virtual network as on-demand services to your developers leveraging NSX technology.

Storage Management

Easily manage portfolios of storage options that developers can use on-demand. Aggregate disk drives in your cluster into a single virtual data store, or connect to your existing storage arrays to provide storage services to your developers.

Single-Vendor Solution

Enjoy an entire private cloud software stack supported by a single vendor, from the hardware up to your container instances, the hypervisor, control plane, Linux, Kubernetes, PCF and container repository.

Technical Overview: Deploying Cloud-Native Applications with Photon OS

This white paper describes Photon OS, an open-source minimalist Linux operating system from VMware, illustrates its role in VMware's cloud computing architecture, and explains how it solves a range of problems that would otherwise limit the deployment of cloud-native applications.
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Business Speed and Agility

Try experiments faster, accelerate your product roadmaps, and deliver innovative software solutions to market more rapidly.

Secure Your Business Data

Retain tight control over your business data, how it is protected, and where it is stored.

Optimize Cost of Workloads

Achieve significant price/performance gain by reducing the cost of your cloud-native workloads.