Take Control of IoT with VMware Pulse

VMware Pulse IoT Center is an end-to-end infrastructure management solution that enables OT and IT organizations to onboard, manage, monitor and secure their IoT use cases.

Pulse Product Data Sheet


Introducing VMware Pulse IoT Center

Ray O Farrell, CTO, VMware


Edge Device Management

Ability to support heterogeneous things and gateways with different hardware, operating systems, and communication protocols.

Real-Time Infrastructure Analytics

Ability to identify anomalies with real- time monitoring and perform infrastructure analytics.

Single Point Console

A Single point of monitoring and management for IoT infrastructure (across private networks comprising of edge systems and connected devices) for both IT and OT users.

OTA Updates

Ability to provide policy driven over-the-air updates to connected edge systems and devices and granularly define what, when and under what conditions things are updated.

Smart Data Orchestration

Deliver relevant data where and when it is needed across the edge and in the cloud by integrating into enterprise systems.

Security Across IoT Value Chain

Provide security at thing, network and user level with software updates and VMware Identity Manager™ integration.

Visualize thing – Gateway Relationships

Provides pictorial representation of the topology of the IoT infrastructure- 2 tier or 3 tier - in a parent child relationship diagram.

On Prem Support

Offered as an on-prem solution for deployment flexibility and security. Future versions will also be offered as cloud-hosted.

Easy Integrations

Quick and easy integration with existing server-side monitoring and alerting capability through REST APIs and flexible client-side integration through Python based SDK.

Why VMware Pulse Is The Right Choice For Me 

VMware Pulse IoT Center is a secure, enterprise grade, end-to-end IoT infrastructure management solution which allows OT and IT to have complete control over their IoT use cases, from the edge all the way to the cloud.

  • Simplify IoT complexity - Manage across diverse set of things as easily as one
  • Improve reliability - Provide accurate and real-time visibility of thing "health" and act on anomalies as they arise
  • Accelerate ROI - Streamline and accelerate how IoT gets deployed and scaled
  • Provide peace of mind - Secure IoT infrastructure across things, edge, network, and applications


Introducing Liota

Liota is a vendor-neutral, open source SDK for building IoT gateway applications to monitor and orchestrate data from the device to the cloud. Liota simplifies interaction between any device and any data-center component, through any gateway and over any transport protocol.

Why Liota?

  • Simplify IoT gateway application development in an easy to use environment
  • Gain new insights through collection, analysis, storage and sharing of sensor data
  • Save time by focusing on app innovation instead of creating different versions of the same app for different gateways

Learn more about Liota

Liota on Github

Little IoT Agent (Liota) is an open source offering for IoT solution developers and resides primarily on IoT gateways.

Download the SDK